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Twister: Our  URL rotator

A rotator is a convenience to members of the web-traffic industry: It allows them to promote a single URL, which 'rotates' what pages are actually shown.  Good rotators also provide statistics on how often, by whom, and referred by whom type historical information, so that the user can discern where their promotions are getting the widest distribution.

We have created a rotator we call 'twister', which provides:

  • #/rotators available to a user, limited by upgrade level
  • #/pages per rotator also limited by upgrade level
  • #/days of history tracking limited by upgrade level (up to 42 days)
  • Built-in link cloaker.
  • History includes IP of viewer, referring URL, Browser and OS of viewer
  • History is viewable sorted by highest value in each category first.

To see the product in action, go to our alpha site: VS-Twister  This is a unique site, in that it combines VS-TrEx, our full-fledged traffic exchange, with the Twister module, providing both surfing and rotation to members.

Twister is built as a module of our Skeleton CMS, so it has built-in membership controls, referral management system and payment processors.  You can combine it with other Skeleton modules to it, like our VS-TrEx traffic exchange system, or our epLibrary searchable electronic product library.  Or, you can get it as a stand-alone system with just the rotation system.

Learn more, or get a license today at

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