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Site Scanner

Site scanner is a service that checks websites sites periodically for signs of hacking/defacement, and notifies the website owner if things are found.  It also provides a tool to remove defacement code from a site.

It is an unfortunate reality today that some people try to make a living by defacing other people's websites.  This is called hacking.  Web servers, and web applications have become complex enough that there are potentially thousands of ways a 'bad guy' can get in and deface a site.
Why do they do it?  More often than not, for money: They add an iframe  or an encrypted script that generates an iframe, so that innocent surfers pick up content (read malware/spyware/trojans) when visiting a site that has been defaced.  The bad guys are usually trying to either get illegitimate 'views' to a pay-per-view ad, or trying to build up a 'zombie army' of infected computers that they can sell to others.  Sometimes, identity theft is involved.  Any way you look at it, though, it is something you DON'T want to have happen to your site.
The 'other shoe' here is that web servers, and internet applications, have become so complex, and are developed by so many different people, that it is is very likely that your system will get hacked at some point or another.

The side-effects can be disastrous, if you don't catch and fix the problem quickly:
  • Traffic systems can ban your site
  • Google and some security systems may mark your site as a 'potential attack site'
  • Potential customers of yours get hurt, and may blame YOU
  • Even when you find out your site is defaced, if you don't know HTML, PHP AND JavaScript, you will have to hire someone to fix it.
  • With automated attacks, you may need to correct 50, 100 or even more pages on your site before the problem goes away.
Site Scanner can not only notify you if problems are found, but can provide you with an online, browser-based tool to automatically removed defacement from your site.  Quickly, easily, with no programming or html knowledge required of you.

How quick?  The basic tool has been used to clean up a site with 178 defaced pages in under 4 minutes, from start to finish.

Come check out the prototype today:

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