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Varisearch LLC
We are preparing to re-launch VS-TEN...stay tuned. Site-scanner is back online after a wierd propagation delay.
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Our current services

Services you can use to get your businesses visible.

We offer a wide variety of services to help your website become visible on the internet.

The Link Ring: Our official ad system

The Link Ring is an advertising system. You can join free, but running ads will cost money.

This is the official 'commercial site' for the VS-TEN Traffic Exchange Network, meaning your site can get viewed by hundreds of exchanges, and thousands of users each day in 'full page view' advertising.

We also offer an exchange-based system for text and banner ads, where your ad can rotate on other exchange members' sites.

The Link Ring also offers Hard Link Ads, where your text link, with mouseover text, is placed on our publisher sites to help your incoming link count.

New! Starting September 1st, we will also offer Cost-Per-Action ads, where you can place offers, and only pay for the results you want!

If you run your own site, you can become a publisher, carry ads, and use the revenue for your own ads. Our Free Directory

If you have a website, you probably know you need incoming links specific to your topic. was our original directory system, started back in 2001.

There is no cost for a basic listing, and we do allow affiliate links. You can upgrade your listing with a reciprocal link.

Note: Listing updates will be suspended until the VS-Dir update in mid-August, but as long as your site is within our guidelines, it WILL be listed.

VS-TEN: Our Traffic Exchange Network

Own a traffic exchange? This network allows traffic exchanges better control over their surf rates, by allowing them to interconnect. This provides better service to each exchanges' customers.

Need more things to show your users? Send your traffic to the network, where there are over 6 million pages. Need more surfing on your exchange? Get more traffic from the network, where there are 150,00 or more views per day available to our members.

The main site has been running for 6 years, was the first and is the largest multi-script exchange network on the internet.

Realm12: Our Directory Network

coming in September! Realm 12! Own a directory system? This directory referral network allows member sites to 'cross-search' directory listings. This helps each directory find an answer for all their search visitors.
Results provided include space for the directories' ads, as well as our own (from The Link Ring, above).

Our goal with Realm 12 is to help directory system owners better serve their customers.

  Varisearch LLC
  P.O. Box 32
  McKeesport, Pa. 15135-0032

  Phone: 412-751-4000
  if urgent: 800-764-9109
  Fax: 866-728-9109

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Founder: Rich Parker
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