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Realm 12

Just as VS-TEN connects traffic exchanges for better results, Realm 12 will connect Searchable Directories to provide better search results.  Realm 12 will be the central service connecting VS-Directory customers.

Realm 12 will provide a central repository for link information received by various copies of VS-Directory.  It will spider the actual pages for more detailed keywords, better descriptions and categorization, and return results to the submitting directory.  Also, it will offer a secondary search to VS-Dir queries (so if a directory doesn't have locally stored results for a query, they can get results through the Realm12 Network).

Update: May, 2010: Realm 12 has entered "rough-in".  We are testing the data feeds with the VS-Directory Alpha.  Realm 12 will go into alpha release when the VS-Directory Beta rolls out this month.

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