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Varisearch LLC
We are preparing to re-launch VS-TEN...stay tuned. Site-scanner is back online after a wierd propagation delay.
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Our future plans

We will put up a graphic for this section to help make the descriptions more obvious. Right now:
  • TheLinkRing is the ad system that can connect and place ads in any of our systems
    • We offer page views inside the VS-TEN network
    • We offer banner and text ads to open-ended unregistered publisher
    • We offer hard-link ads to registered publishers who adopt our interface script
    • We offer CPA ad publishing to those using our other software
    • (coming) we will offer CPA advertising to our network of advertisers (currently we act as a coop)
    • (coming) we will offer co-registration features to advertisers, with registration as participating sites using our other programs

  • VS-TEN is a traffic network for traffic exchages.
    • We have expanded VS-TEN to support non-exchange-owners, as well
  • We have the VS-TrEx product line. The line includes:
    • VS-TrEx, our Traffic Exchange
    • Banner elevator, and (coming) text elevator
    • epLibrary - an electronic products library
    • (coming)Twister, our stand-alone rotator system
    • (coming) VS-DLB, our downline builder
    • (coming) Lite versions of VS-TrEx (banners only, text-ads only, surfing only)

  • All products are now being rebuilt with our skeleton CMS
    • We are considering also offering the CMS product under the name Skeleton CMS

  • The Varisearch directory was shut down for transition into Skeleton CMS, and should be coming mid-2009
    • (coming) Realm 12 will be a network for the new directory system
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