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Our founder

Rich Parker was born in Southwestern Pennsylvania, USA and was raised by an English teacher and a Social worker/business advocate, but math and logic was in his blood. He went to high school before PC's existed, and the school picked up a variety of 'small computers'... TRS80's, Compaqs and the like. Rich took to them so quickly, that near the end of the first year, he ended up teaching a class on how to use the computers to the teachers who were given them.

He went to college planning to become a math teacher, but was convinced to try industrial engineering instead. He dropped out in the third year, because he was making too much money as a consultant to spend all day in school.

Rich worked as a consultant from about 1982 until 1989, the went to perform language translation for an EDI firm: translating Pascal into C, and English into Quebeccan French. This Electronic Data Interchange was in the Automotive and Metals industry, and the company had over 80 customers at one point. Upper management closed the company in 1992, so Rich picked up the remaining customers, and opened a new software company in 1993 called "Parker Software'. (The Parker Software logo was the foundation of our original base logo.)

In early 1993, Rich came up with an discovery/invention/concept called "VariForm structures". These are a kind of self-describing data structure that allow complex data to be stored in a simple system. While it was never sold, it became a tool he would use for the next few years, and the foundation of the idea for Final Varisearch.

Over the next 3 years, he developed what became the leading Breathalyzer management software (carried by 3 of the 5 major manufacturers for some time under private label). The software helped the sellers to capture over a 60 share of the first year breath-testing market. However, after the initial sales burst, things slowed down.

In 1996, Rich then went to work on report management software in the health care industry. He took a simple PC based product written in Assembler and created an enterprise-level printer and report management system that has helped over 100 hospitals world wide manage their output.

In 2002, Rich started a 'side business' to work on an idea called "VariSearch" (as in VariForm-derived search). To fund that research, he has created (and is still updating and creating) various products to help online businesses grow.

Varisearch LLC is the corporation for all the web-based software Rich has developed.

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